MI Historical Marker - Skull Cave, Mackinac Island

Ever spent the night in a bad hotel? Uncomfortable bed? Drafty room? Angry Indians trying to kill you?

That was how Alexander Henry spent the on evening on Mackinac Island in 1763. Granted, the accommodations on the island were not what they are now, but that was still rather extreme. When the chief of the Ojibwe tribe wanted to kill Mr. Henry, a friendly member of the tribe, Wawatam, hid Alexander in Skull Cave overnight. And it just happened to be that Skull Cave was an Indian burial site.

It's not nearly so scary these days, with a historical marker and far, far fewer hostile Indians to worry about. It's easy to find, at the corner of Garrison Road and Rifle Range Road. You're not allowed to sleep in it, but if you do, I promise, I won't tell.

Marker Text

According to tradition this is the cave in which the English fur-trader Alexander Henry hid out during the Indian uprising of 1763. The floor of the cave, he claimed, was covered with human bones, presumably Indian.

Kayaking at JBs Fish Camp, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

The tagline on the t-shirt I bought from JBs Fish Camp was "Experience the real Florida". I assume they mean Disneyworld isn't the real Florida. To each their own. I like rides, I like kayaking, so I can go either way. But for this trip, there were no mice in sight, though we did see other wildlife.

The owners of The Black Dolphin Inn had recommended JBs, so we drove to our rental with the soaked, non-functional fob (funny story) to the southern end of A1A. A ramshackle collection of buildings next to the water awaited us. I liked the feel of the place. It gave me the impression of a guy who did his own thing, running a kayak rental / restaurant / gift shop instead of sitting in front of a computer screen all day. And as I do the latter, I often envy those who do the former.

Renting kayaks was easy. With just a bit of paperwork to make sure your next of kin doesn't sue them if you're eaten by a whale, we were taken to the beach where our kayaks were ready and waiting for our watery excursion. I bought the optional waterproof bag. I had a bad experience once already on this trip with salt water and electronics - no need to chance another.