USS Edson

Living in Michigan, I find all kinds of things that I never knew existed. One of those is the USS Edson, a destroyer parked in the Saginaw River in Bay City, defending the bay area from invading Canadians. (Ontarians do the raiding and pillaging that Americans just won't do.) Bay City is between the thumb and the rest of the mitten, and whose name is, in fact, the inspiration for the Bay City Rollers, who were actually from Edinburgh, Scotland (a lovely town, by the way).

After a nice lunch at the Red Lion Diner (can't beat a good Coney dog and fries), my dad and I headed to the ship. As our visit occurred in October, the ship was decorated for "The Edson Incident", a haunted ship tour. The byline for the event is "We'll scare the ship out of you", which is fantastic. I can see how it could get a bit scary below decks with the lights out. Luckily, the lights didn't go out while we were there.

Most of the ship is accessible to visitors. Not accessible as in ADA compliant - it's a navy ship, after all - but you can wander freely wherever you like. The guides said that we had access to 90% of the ship. That included the shower in the captain's quarters, by the way. I didn't test the water pressure, but be my guest.

I like big guns, I cannot lie. All you other brothers can't deny… That is the last reference to a Sir Mix-a-Lot song I'll be making today.

I did enjoy the commissary display. A popular food when I was a child were Vienna Sausages, processed meat stored in gelatinous residue. I tried them years later, as an adult, and sometimes, you can't go home again. I'll leave them in my past. Unrelated to Vienna Sausages, my dad told me he could buy a pack of cigarettes on the ship for $1 back in the Vietnam era. I think they've gone up since then.

The communications room, which also included the simulated sounds of radios and Morse code from other ships for no extra cost to you! The amount of equipment in this room was amazing, and whose function I can only guess. However, I did recognize the typewriter on the left-hand part of the picture.

The engine room, where Scotty would be found, if he were in the US navy in the 50s and 60s. Summary of this room: Big engines make the ship move.

And even more equipment that I don't recognize, this time on the bridge. A do like the steering wheel.

There is a lot more of the ship to look at. The mechanics of the gun turrets, the mess, the officers mess, the captains quarters - more and more and more. But I don't want to ruin it all for you, so I'll leave those for you to explore. Just make sure you do - the USS Edson is just one more reason why Michigan is better than the other states.

Latitude: 43.614537
Longitude: -83.868586

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