Selatangar, Iceland

Selatangar is a ghost town (technically an abandoned fishing village, but "ghost town" sounds spookier) about a mile from 427, 13km east of Grindavik, our final overnight stop in Iceland. As you carefully pay attention to the landscape as to not overshoot your destination, you will turn onto a seemingly OK road. Nothing to worry about, until you go a few hundred feet. Then the wrath of the pothole god shows its force, turning the road into an obstacle course. Our little <car type> was nearly swallowed up in several of the bigger potholes (i.e. chasms), and we abandoned the car in a safe-ish spot a few hundred feet from the main road and trekking on food to the actual parking lot.

But at least it was a nice walk through moss-covered lava fields, with the North Atlantic before us and a range of volcanic hills behind. And we reached the parking lot (the actual lot, not the lot we just made up) to discover this monster:

Surely, there is nothing in Iceland that the driver of that vehicle fears, except the gas pump. Because the 2-door compact car I rented cost $90 to fill up, so I can't imagine the horror that the driver of that thing must have faced when staring down the total cost at the gas station. On the other hand, if the zombie apocalypse strikes while you're driving The Beast, you're pretty much safe.

My wife in the lead, we made our way across the black sand trails through the black rocks to the location of Selatangar. This fishing village provided men willing to brave the conditions with plentiful fish until it was abandoned in 1880. Now, the only thing that remains of the town are quite a few large logs and a few stone huts, such as those used for storage and cleaning the catches.