Roselle Park, Ada

The annual Irish Jig 5k in East Grand Rapids was over. But, having lots of energy left, I departed the safe confines of East Grand Rapids and into the dangerous wildlands of Ada. As much as I like palindromes (taco cat, anyone?), Ada is a mystery. I know there is a covered bridge and Amway, but that is as far as my knowledge extends. But there was lots of daylight left, so I braved the unknown.

Roselle Park had the distinction of being the first new-to-me trail of 2018. I pulled into the very roomy parking lot with middle of the road hopes. On Google Maps, the trail looked like it went through fields. I'm more a forest guy, but I was trying to be open minded. Anyway, there was plenty of space in the lot. In fact, there are two parking lots, so finding a spot should not be a problem. I chose the first lot I found, the easternmost one with the silos. And these were not just ordinary silos. One had been converted into a mini-rock wall, and the other had a deck at the top, probably the vertical manse of some Ada supervillain.

I headed off on the paved trail heading east along the edge of the marsh with the sounds of red-winged blackbirds (which are completely different than black-winged redbirds). Three-quarters of the way to where the trail turns to follow the Grand River is an observation deck to see all the various wildlife (birds, more birds, and maybe another bird or two). I was passed by several joggers on the crisp morning, "crisp" being Michiganese for "cold". The trail was well-maintained and a place where I would be spending more time if I lived in the area.

I continued to the end of the paved trail, a loop which, at the apex, has an unpaved trail leading off. Unpaved trails are more my speed, and I headed off into the wild. While I saw a fair number of people on the paved trail, I saw no on the unpaved section. The trail was mowed grass, and it started through wide open fields.