One Well Brewing, Kalamazoo

I'm normally not a fan of restaurants in strip malls. It's not quite a phobia, just a preference. But the owners of One Well Brewing made their location work. Look, it has a well next to the door! And the outdoor seating looks like a place I could hang out during the summer months. But it was a cooler evening, and the area was full anyways, so inside I went.

As I walked inside, I was greeted with a blast of noise that had the introverted side of my personality (which is typically dominant) wanting to run for cover. At first glance, the main room looked full, but past the crowded bar, there was plenty of seating at one of the long tables a bit further back. But this was 5:15 on a Saturday, so your mileage may vary. At any rate, I had the whole table to myself, so it was either not as busy as I thought, or I had an unpleasant odor wafting about me that I was unaware of. I had been hiking quite a bit that day.

I ordered at the bar, because that's where you order. The woman behind the counter was among the most upbeat, perky people I have ever interacted with, a day and night difference from the morose McDonald's employee that had "served" me in St. Joe earlier in the day. I was given a number on a stick to notify the food bringer of my location, and his mission, I was happy to report, was a successful one just a short time later.

The pulled pork sandwich was excellent, tender and tasty, and, if I may throw a third 'T', tangy, referring to the BBQ sauce. I made the error of thinking the coleslaw was a side. It was, in fact, a sandwich topping. But the sandwich was solid without it, so this mistake was a minor one. I had no doubt I made the right choice with my dinner selection -it was a definite winner. The smattering of chips were crispy and dusted with a spice of unknown origin. Forced to guess, I would say paprika.

Your entertainment choice are legion. A plethora of board and card games await anxiously to be chosen. If pinball is your thing, they've got you covered there, too. Or perhaps darts are you thing. Feel free to throw pointy things at the wall until your heart's content. Remember, though - throw them at the wall, not fellow patrons.

As for me, I'm more of a reader, so I enjoyed my dinner with a pair of beers in a not-so-quiet corner, reading "Ready Player One" on my Kindle until it was time to return to Lansing. I had an excellent time at One Well Brewing. Good food, good beer, good times. I didn't see Elvis in Kalamazoo, but finding good beer is even better.

Latitude: 42.248652
Longitude: -85.559297

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