Mission Xavier del Bac

Our last day in Tucson took us south of the city to the beautiful Mission Xavier del Bac, the oldest European building in Arizona. Though well outside of the main tourist spots of Tucson, it's still very well attended, and once you're there, it's easy to see why. Whitewashed exterior, beautiful Baroque interior, and that feel of south of the border religion that was far different from the church I attend. Mine has a lot less gilding. There is something to be said for those 18th century Spanish architects.

The interior was loaded with figures and artwork, and an interior you would expect to see in a remote corner of the desert.

The wind-blow dust and sand gave the place a remote feeling even with a parking lot full of cars. I wanted to put on my Lawrence of Arabia robes and march out into the desert to explore. But, it was hot, and the though our rental Sentra's air conditioning didn't work that well, it was better than nothing, which is what I would have had out there in the rocky scrubland.

The small museum just to the east of the nave had a model of the mission, as well as clothing and items used in the times of the Spanish. The covered walkways allowed the view of the courtyard and fountain, and beyond that, a wide field of greenery north towards Tucson. And a gift shop, of course.

Read more about the mission at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mission_San_Xavier_del_Bac

Latitude: 32.107013
Longitude: -111.007945

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