MI Historical Marker - Pioneer House, Roscommon

On a trip north I briefly stopped by beautiful Roscommon, MI (the county seat of Roscommon County, BTW) to check out the historical markers in town. OK, historical marker - there is only one. Located on M18 on the northeast area of town, you can't miss it. Well, you could, but it's got a big sign, which helps:

Marker Text

The Pioneer House opened in the early 1870s as a boardinghouse for lumbermen. Beginning as 1-1/2 - story building, it underwent three major renovations between 1885 and 1936 evolving into a hotel with twenty-two guest rooms and three apartments. During the 1920s and 1930s, it was the hotel of choice for visitors from as far away as Hollywood, California and Havana, Cuba. Notable guests included Michigan Attorney General (and later Governor) Wilbur M. Brucker (1929) and comedian Groucho Marx (1933).