MI Historical Marker - Meadowbrook Hall

The Detroit area is blessed with amazingly beautiful homes of the auto barons from last century. On an overnight stay in Detroit, we made our way north to the suburb of Rochester to see the home built by Dodge money.

The tour - you can't just wander around on your own - was excellent, the docent being very engaging and informative. We saw dozens of rooms by a family way richer than I'll ever be. The history of the family was very interesting, and seeing the details and craftsmanship that went into the house was very impressive.

Marker Text

Home of Alfred G. and Matilda Dodge Wilson (widow of John Dodge), this Tudor style mansion was built 1926-29. William E. Kapp of Smith, Hinchman & Grylis designed the Hall, incorporating details from famous homes of England. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson deeded the Hall and its 1400-acre estate to Michigan State University in 1957 to found what is now Oakland University. The Hall opened to the public in September 1971 as a conference and cultural center of the University.

Latitude: 42.672339
Longitude: -83.201503

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