MI Historical Marker - McCabe - Marlowe House

It was a misty December morning walking up Fountain Street in Grand Rapids. This area, part of the Heritage Hill Historic District, the city's oldest residential area, is known for the beautiful mansions that overlook the downtown area. This particular house is located on the corner Lafayette and Fountain, and definitely looked haunted, but that was probably just because of the fog.

In the 1960s, there was a push to destroy up to three-quarters of this area for urban renewal, but resident protests stopped the destruction and preserving these beautiful homes. Though they are private homes, there is an annual tour to get a closer look, and you can always wander the street enjoying the architecture from the street.

Marker Text

Built between 1865 and 1870 by James and Hannah Gallup, this Victorian style villa is one of the oldest homes in the Heritage Hill Historic District. Gallup and his family lived here until 1896. The house was later owned by several prominent Grand Rapids residents, including the James Wylie family (major contributors to the Grand Rapids Foundation), the Ennis P. Whitney family, and the Alexander M. Campbell family. In 1945 the house was purchased by Marie McCabe and her niece Wilma McCabe Marlowe. Both women taught science at Grand Rapids Junior College until the 1950s. They opened their home as a social and cultural gathering place for students. The Grand Rapids Junior College Foundation acquired the property in 1980 so that the house could continue to used in the tradition begun by Marie McCabe and Wilma Marlowe.