MI Historical Marker - Armistice Day Storm, Ludington

When we last saw our hero in Ludington, he was at the south end of Stearns Park, visiting the marker for the S.S. Pere Marquette car ferry, which sank in 1910. Well, our hero made the arduous a few hundred feet north to the middle of Stearns Park to the second historical marker in the park.

But the marker news isn't good - more death and destruction on Lake Michigan. But it does have the same great view that the Pere Marquette marker does, though without the skate park - not all historical markers can be so lucky. But this marker does have a bit of good news, as the City of Flint 32 returned to service, as told by this smaller marker near the official marker:

Marker Text
Armistice Day Storm

On November 11, 1940, a severe storm swept the Great Lakes area. as it crossed Lake Michigan ships and seamen fought to reach safety away from its blinding winds and towering seas. Between Big and Little Points Sable the freighters Willam B. Davock and Anna C. Minch foundered with the loss of all hands. The crew of the Novadoc, driven aground south of Pentwater, battled icy winds and water for two days before being rescued by local fishermen. At Ludington the car-ferry City of Flint 32 was driven ashore, her holds flooded to prevent further damaged. Elsewhere lives were lost and ships damaged in one of Lake Michigan's greatest storms.

Latitude: 43.958182
Longitude: -86.459634

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