Ireland Day 3 - Kilcolgan to Tralee

Day 3 involved packing up from our Kilcolgan stay and heading for parts south, but not until we had checked out Tyrone House, which was just down the road from our B&B. Tyrone House was built in 1779, whose owner, Christopher St. George, owned much of the area around Kilcolgan. The house was destroyed in 1920 by the IRA during the Irish War of Independence. Though on private property, we were able to get very close to this rather eerie building.

That bit of ruin porn finished, we made our way to Bunratty and the rather famous Bunratty Castle and Folk Village. I used Rick Steves' guidebook for planning the majority of the trip, and he only gives Bunratty a passing mention - it's touristy and crowded, so avoid it. However, I thought it looked like an interesting place, especially with a 12-year old with us, and we gave it a try. We were quite happy with the experience.

We arrived at 10:30 and went right to the castle, arriving just after a large French tour group. However, they headed to the Great Hall for an orientation and we ascended the winding staircases to investigate the rest of the castle. It was a tight fit in some instances, as the spiral staircases didn't have a passing lane, but we managed. As we were leaving, we looked back at the castle and saw quite a line leading out from the castle entrance. So if you are hoping to visit the castle, get there early. Or possibly late.