Ireland Day 10 - Drogheda

Well, our last day had arrived. I had some decent plans for the day involving a castle and ancient burial sites, but none of that worked out, so we'll move on.

We arrived at Drogheda near lunchtime. The town has a rich history of which we experienced none, and instead went right to lunch at Kings Grill on Stockwell Lane. The fish sandwich was excellent. I'm usually bad at picking food - my wife handles that department - but this turned out pretty well.

I had dragged my daughter, twelve, to many things completely uninteresting to her. To cap off our Ireland trip, we went to Funtasia Drogheda, an indoor waterpark. It was much more than that - arcade, rope course, etc. - but we only visited the water park. And that was enough. Though geared towards kids, of course, adults can have plenty of fun as well.

We left Drogheda, only taking one wrong turn (or was it two?) trying to escape the various one-way roads before finding Marsh Road (my town of Haslett has a Marsh Road of its own, so it felt like home) and passing underneath this massive railroad bridge that reminded me of a Roman aqueduct. The Romans never made it to Ireland, though, so we can't give them any credit for it.

Our destination was Mornington Bay Beach. My wife knew I liked lighthouses and found one nearby.

Though we didn't get a good view of it, the beach area was nice and fairly empty, though too windy and cool for us to have a beach day. Still, walking along the beach was enough.

More beach...

Washed upon the beach were jellyfish, each about a foot in diameter. No one took my dare to touch one, but I wouldn't have either.

And just like that, our trip was effectively over. We had one last dinner, and we drove to the lovely town of Celbridge to eat at The Village Inn, which had a classy interior (I almost felt out of place), and the town itself had a historical connection to Arthur Guinness. It was on this spot in the 18th century, at Carberry's Brewery, where a young Guinness brewed his first beer. I felt morally obligated to have a Guinness, and for dinner I had - you guessed it - fish and chips.

The rest of our trip was uneventful. We were able to reach the airport the next morning and return our rental car without incident. The Sixt drop-off must more efficient than the pick-up. Our return flight to Toronto and return drive to Michigan were only marred by the terrible McDonald's in Woodstock, ON.

Our Ireland 2019 concluded, it was back to Michigan for the rest of the year. We're taking a hiatus from Europe next year, though we'll do plenty of small trip to keep us busy.

Latitude: 53.705158
Longitude: -6.363499

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