Forest Hills Park in Okemos - the park you do not need to visit

I admit, the premise is a bit odd - why write about a place you shouldn't go? Well, if you're a trailophile (that's a copyrighted word - you owe me ten cents if you use it), then Forest Hills Park is a trail. Not a long one, nor an exciting one, nor a clean one. But it is a trail. And even if you live in the Lansing area, you've probably never heard of this trail. I hadn't until I visited the apartment complex in front of the entrance and spotted the sign. Once I saw it, I knew I needed to explore, even though my expectations were very low.

If you look closely, you can see bits of trash just past the entrance sign. This wasn't the last time I would spot trash along the trail. I'll think positively and suggest that it flew out of nearby dumpsters. Besides the apartment complex on the west side of the park, where I parked, there was a grocery store to the north, and a neighborhood to the south. The whole park was less than ten acres, so unless you're fleeing from zombie lions, you will not be breaking a sweat on this walk.