Agate Falls

After leaving Bond Falls and snagging a doughnut or three at the Bruce Crossing gas station, we headed east on MI 28 to see the day's second wonderful waterfall on the Middle Branch Ontonagon River, Agate Falls. Our day, despite the rain, was starting quite well. MI 28 took a wide swing south as it approaches Paynesville (yes, THE Paynesville). The road crosses a gorge and suddenly, to our right, was a parking lot with plenty of inviting spots. How could we say no? As the pedestrian signage near Agate Falls wasn't that great, let me give you a hint. Once you get to the parking lot, head north (downstream) and go under the highway - that is the way to the falls.

In addition to a nice, paved trail that follows the river, you also get to see a dizzyingly high railroad bridge for no extra cost. Trees obscure most of the view along the way, though the peaks through the trees whets the appetite. You'll appreciate that the "official" viewing area for the falls is only partially obscured. The view isn't as impressive as Bond Falls, but that's not the falls fault, you're just farther away from them. Agate Falls is still beautiful and worth the short walk.

Agate Falls placed highly in the "impressive" factor, and if you're going to be in the area - and you will, because you desperately want to see Bond Falls - stop by Agate for a beautiful waterfall double feature. And it's only seven minutes from the intersection of US 45 and MI 28, beautiful Bruce Crossing, and doughnuts. And perhaps if you drive fast enough, you'll see your carved wooden Indian running over Agate Falls that you just saw running over Bond Falls, as both falls are on the Middle Branch Ontonagon River.

Latitude: 46.478523
Longitude: -89.090174

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