What is this thing about?

Wunderhund is about traveling. And food. And interesting places. But mainly about traveling, so you'll occasionally have to indulge by fascination with good food and ruin porn, but I'll try to keep on-topic as much as possible.

You'll also notice that I write posts about Michigan Historical Markers. I have some kind of fascination with them, and my goal is to visit every one in the state. I've only just begun, so it will take a while to accomplish. But I shall overcome. 

And food! You may be wondering, "What's with the food posts?" For me, travel is about big sites, small towns, and interesting side tracks. But it's also about food. Remember that great meal you had on your last vacation? Or that terrible pizza you had in that small town upstate? That is part of the travel experience. So I include those, too.

What's with the funny name?

Wunderhund is German for "wonder dog". Now, I'm not a dog person. But in the early 1990's, I worked in a software store called Babbage's. While working there, we received a game system called the Neo Geo, a system far beyond my basically minimum wage salary. But one of the game we received for the system was called "Wonder Dog".

So far, so good. Well, I was also attending Michigan State University at this period of time, and taking a German class. And "Wonder Dog" translated quite easily to "Wunderhund", a name that I liked the sound of, and decided that if I ever had a web site, I would name it that.

So there is no logical reason to name this site Wunderhund other than the fact that I like the name.