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The crimson sun sets on the Silt Sea, the silt blowing into gentle waves that roll up into the city of Balic. The air takes on a silvery tint as the dust flies upon the wind, and everything is just slightly muted by the thick air. Ships rock lightly against the harbor, the crews working ever diligently, unloading their cargo and preparing for another day of trading. It has been this way for millenia. I doubt it will ever change.

Wander, my friend, for there is much to see...

The City of Silt

Welcome to Balic, a city in the Estuary of the Forked Tongue.

Unlike most other city states, Balic is not ruled by a sorcerer king. It is unique in the fact that Balic in controlled completely by merchants - the Houses of Wavir, Rees, and Tomblador. How closely Balic resembles the old Balic, the one controlled by Andropinis, depends on which part of the city you enter. The area of House Wavir is definately better off, as the Wavir's are more kind rulers than the last inhabitant of the White Palace. Those under the rule of Rees are likewise better off, but only as long as they produce for the profit motivated leaders. Under the lead of House Tomblador, improvements in condition are minor, and their rule is almost as cruel as under the sorcerer king.


January 5, 11: Added an adventure hook, a hint to location of an ancient lighthouse. More to follow...

February 19, 10: Added Kuressa's Den, a tavern in the Rees-held portion of Balic.

January 14, 10: Added Kevrus, a silt skimmer captain.

December 30, 09: Happy New Year! This year has seemed to fly by, but then, that's how it always seem sto me. As the last post of the year, here is the Brooch of Performance.

December 4, 09: Added a new magic item, death mark stones.

October 29, 09: I've created a few new magic items.

October 16, 09: A new issue of The Balic Crier has been released.

October 9, 09: Hasn't even been a month since my last post. Whoa, I'm getting speedy! :) Anyways, here is a patrician house of Balic, House Thestis.

September 11, 09: A few merchants of Balic.

August 5, 09: I've added The Lifeforge, a powerful magical item.

July 21, 09: Zerethis, operator of a Balican safe house for the Black Suns thieves' guild.

June 26, 09: Time for the new edition of The Balican Crier.

June 4, 09: Happy birthday to me. Okay, a day late, but still... Here is a very short adventure of a ruined lighthouse with an adventure hook.

May 15, 09: Added a new undead creature, the Sialvis.

April 16, 09: A new edition of the Balican Crier.

April 2, 09: How about a little flavor? I've added Pateller, a Balican merchant, to sharpen those dull weapons after a long trek across through Tablelands.

March 26, 09: A new issue of the Balican Crier.

February 20, 09: A new legend of Balic, Darhus.

February 20, 09: For my latest update, I've added a new business in Balic, Eldeses Courier Service.

February 5, 09: I've added a legend of Balic, that of Arkestus, a gladiator who betrayed the Veiled Alliance.

January 23, 09: A brand-spanking new NPC, Telmarane, a Balican defiler.

January 15, 09: Time for the next issue of the Balican Crier.

January 9, 09: Time to play catch-up. I've posted a grayguard, a construct of stone and obsidian.

December 29, 08: Merry week after Christmas. Sorry I missed an update, but my seven family Christmas gatherings prevented any free time for Dark Sun. But, I'm back and have posted the ash skeleton, an undead creature. Okay, I'm actually cheating - I posted it before, but as someone pointed out to me, it was a dead link, so I found the text and posted it again.

December 18, 08: Merry week before Christmas. I have posted The Nordalla Caravan Company, a Balican business.

December 12, 08: Oops, I'm a day late because of a sick child. But, she's better, so the latest issue of the Balican Crier is up.

November 26, 08: The latest update is a Horn of Silt, a magical horn that creates a blast of silt. Also included is a new spell, Silt Wind.

I will not be posting an update next week because I'll be in Mexico, enjoying some warm weather far from Michigan. I'll have a new post on December 11th.

November 21, 08: It's an NPC-athon, Kipitimos, a merchant dealing in black market goods.

November 13, 08: Another NPC, Kevitol, a ranger from the sandy wastes south of Balic.

November 6, 08: I've added a new half-giant NPC, Combadar.

October 30, 08: Several legendary weapons from the Cleansing Wars, Zhelevan's arrows.

October 22, 08: The latest issue of the Balican Crier.

October 16, 08: A new monster to torment your PCs - the ash hag.

October 9, 08: I've added two new items today. First is issue 25 of the Balican crier. I've also add a snippet about Hardaris vine, a plant which grows in the regions around Balic.

October 2, 08: Happy October, it's the best month since September. To celebrate, I've added Nodakatos, an NPC.

September 25, 08: A new creature to torment your PCs, the Deadland Viper.

September 18, 08: I have added two new magical weapons, slings of Balic.

September 10, 08: As promised, a brand new edition of the Balican Crier.

September 9, 08: Another long silence - I have to stop doing that. I'll have another Balican Crier tomorrow.

I have also looked at 4th edition and decided to stick with 3.0/3.5 - I like the earlier version better.

July 3, 08: Added a brief description of the silver mines of Balic.

June 19, 08: Sorry for the month-long silence - life got in the way, once again. But, I'm back, and have added a new episode of the Balican Crier.

May 16, 08: Added a page about the Patricians of Balic.

May 9, 08: Alturuk, a trading village near Balic, has been added to the site.

May 1, 08: Added an Wells of Balic, a brief description of three wells within the city walls.

Arpil 24, 08: Added an Fort Glams, which guards the western approach to the Balican Peninsula.

Arpil 19, 08: I have added an obsidian guardian, a new monster.

Arpil 10, 08: I have added a history of Praxiteles, a short snippet about a legendary figure from Balic's past. It's my daughter's birthday today, so I am in a giving mood.

Update: The City of Silt site resdesign is coming along nicely. The look of the site will change a little bit, but the major changes will be behind the scenes. The biggest additional feature will be that my site will become searchable and much more organized.

March 5, 08: A brand new page about an architectual artifact from Balic's past, Perogun Arch

January 24, 08: I have added a new patrican house, House Armenedes

January 4, 08: Let's start the new year off right with a new issue of the Balican Crier. I'm off to Jamaica in two days, spending a week on the beach, but I've got some good things in the works, so there will be plenty of new content in 2008.

December 6, 07: The latest update on The City of Silt is Senteklos, a neighborhood in southeastern Balic.

November 30, 07: I have added The Padestos, a tavern in Balic's wealthy North Quarter.

November 27, 07: Because of Thanksgiving and some weekend traveling, I have not been able to post any new content. But I will have a new item on this site this Thursday. I am still working on the redesign for the City of Silt, and my plan to complete is by the end of the year is still a go.

November 10, 07: For this week's update, I have added four merchants of Balic. Please note: I will be out of town the rest of the week, so the next update for City of Silt site will be the week of November 19th.

November 4, 07: I have added a new monster, the creeping cactus, a carnivorous plant lurking in the desert. Please let me know if you have any feedback regarding this monster.

I have started on the redesign of this site. The purpose of the redesign is to better organize information and to make it searchable. This site has existed for six years without major work, and it is overdue for a house cleaning. I'll keep you informed on the progress, but it should be completed before the end of the year.

October 25, 2007 The next issue of The Balican Crier is up.

October 16, 2007 Another Balican personality, Shendelekos the scribe.

October 9, 2007 I have added a new person to Balic, Durbenis the defiler. He does not have stats beyond basic attributes, but I added some fluff to make him a possible plot device.

October 3, 2007 A brand new edition of the Balican Crier.

September 26, 2007 After the birth of my daughter, a few job changes, and another role-playing project, I have finally gotten back to my site. I have added Sour Silt Alley.

And, I just noticed that my site was returning errors. I have removed the source of the problem, so my apologies for those who tried to access my site while it was down.

March 20, 2007 This is really the first entry of the year? That's crazy - how time flies. Anyways, here is the latest version of the Balican Crier.

August 31, 06 Okay, another brief update to my site. This time, I have added some beers found around Balic. After all, why have a tavern if there is no beer? It is not a comprehensive list, but it's a start.

August 17, 06 I have a new update! Prepare to enjoy the pastries of Philsus the baker.

August 16, 06 Gen Con was a blast. I had a great time listening to (and meeting) Ed Greenwood and Keith Baker, as well as attending seminars, playing demos, and getting free stuff at the Wizards of the Coast booth. If you have not been to Gen Con, and ever get the chance, by all means go! I'm sorry it took me so long to try it.

Back to Dark Sun... I am working on an update, a pair of thieves that lurk Balic's streets. I am hoping to get those out tomorrow before I head north from my home near Lansing, MI to Tahquamenon Falls in the Upper Peninsula.

August 9, 06 Gen Con is coming up quickly, and I'll be heading down there Friday morning, making the ~5 hour drive from Lansing to Indianapolis. Hopefully, I'll get to see some of the many seminars.

August 5, 06 Okay, at long last, I have a new update! Oh yes, something new. Maybe exciting, maybe not, but either way, here is a game played in Balic call Tix'Klett.

July 17, 06 Sorry about the long delay in updates. Since I last posted, I switched jobs and my wife and I have done a ton of work in lawn, as we moved into a newly built house last fall, so as you can imagine, I've been busy.

I got a message on my guestbook a while ago that my site was missing some pages, so I went through and tried to correct all the bad links. If you find any more, go to my guestbook and tell me.

No new posts today, but soon, I promise. Also, I'm heading to Gen Con for the first time in my life, so I'm excited about that. Should be a great time!

April 14, 06 My website was deleted on an update I tried to last night, and all the pages were wiped out. I have restored a few of them, but it will be a few more days before all the files are restored.

April 7, 06 A brief break from my work to bring you another update, Shendris the Potter.

April 3, 06 Okay, I'm back with another update. I have a magical weapon, the Elf Slayer, a sword from the Cleansing War.

March 22, 06 Added a new person to Balic, the aristocrat Amkris Kethones.

March 13, 06 I have posted a new update, a very short fluff piece called Cavbaum's Bridge. Also, I am working on converting my Dark Sun site from ASP to ASP.NET 2.0. This will mean that the main page will change from default.asp to default.aspx, and pages will be moved around to different locations, as ASP.NET makes site management easier than old ASP. But I will be keeping the old pages around to redirect to the new site. This update will not happen for about a month, and I'll e-mail the Dark Sun list when I do.

March 6, 06 Hidy Ho neighbors. I have taken a break from real life to post a an update to Balic, The Gith Pit.

February 14, 06 Happy Valentine's day. Here in Lansing, the wife and I are headed to a fancy restaurant. I tried to convince her to go to Burger King, but she wasn't having any of it. Anyway, here is something I have been working on, a short adventure.

February 7, 06 Hereye, hereye! I have added a new addition of The Balican Crier!

January 31, 06 I have been working on a short adventure inside Balic, Though it's not quite done, I have added a creature involved in the adventure, the ash skeleton.

January 19, 06 Okay, it's been a long time since my last update, so I'll let you know what is happening. Lots of things have happened in real life - mainly, moving into a newly built house and getting married. But I am working on a new Balic update that should be out before the end of the month. It will actually be a mini-adventure. And I mean mini - it's only six rooms long.

September 16, 05 Been a little slow with my updates lately. So here is a new item - the Balican Mint.

September 6, 05 Added a brand spanking new Balican Crier.

August 30, 05 Here we are, nearing the end of August. Where has the summer gone? I have written this snippet on Balican Coinage.

August 26, 05 Happy Friday everyone. I was hoping to make a trip to King's Island or Cedar Point (both in Ohio) for some roller coastering, but thunderstorms are on the way, so I will stay home in Michigan. Anyways, here is a new tavern for half-giants, The Dusty Boulder.

August 23, 05 There is a newly added fighter in town, Briareus.

August 19, 05 I have ventured outside the gates of Balic to add the Villa of Zaethus Nauripides.

August 16, 05 For all you Dark Sun fruit lovers, here is The Orange Grove.

August 12, 05 There's a new bar in Balic! It is called The Green Door, so stop on in.

August 8, 05 Added the Lucky Bit Gambling Hall.

August 4, 05 Added Whitewell.

July 28, 05 Another update! Added the Library.

July 25, 05 Okay, I was finally right about being able to update my site! I have added the House Port.

July 21, 05 Sorry, things got busy lately and I haven't been able to post. I'll definately have something next week - a couple of things, actually.

July 8, 05 I'll have something new next week. I've written it up, I just need to format it and make the map.

June 8, 05 What's this - two updates in the same week? I'm on a roll. It must be my recent engagement has motivated me. Anyways, this is just a tiny update - Clean as a Whistle, a launderer. A little fluff for Balic.

June 6, 05 I finally found the time to create a new The Balican Crier.

May 9, 05 I have added a little blurb about The Whispering One, a local legend around Balic.

January 21, 05 I am working on another Dark Sun project, and I will try to update my site next week.

January 13, 05 I have returned from my trip to the Dominican Republic and posted a link to a map of Balic. This link has also been added to the header at the top of the page, so it will be easily accessed from now on.

January 3, 05 Happy New Year! I have added a new issue of The Balican Crier.

View the map of Balic.

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