First kayak trip of the year

That’s right, for the first time this year, the kayak left my garage. I didn’t take it far, but I did take it to a place I had never been before, the Looking Glass River. In fact, it was my first trip on a river with my kayak – all the previous trips had been on lakes.

Looking Glass River
Looking Glass River

The Looking Glass was slow-moving. I easily was able to paddle upstream, and besides the lawnmowers and chainsaws I heard from the surrounding woods, it was quiet. But since those machines were constantly going, it really wasn’t that quiet. Maybe it will be later in the year.

Long weekends

The Friday afternoon leading up to a holiday weekend is just about the best thing. I especially like them because Friday afternoons here at work involve beer (today’s is a Vanilla Java Porter from Atwater Brewery), and it adds a little relaxation. Elena will be off with various family, so I’ll be sneaking in some biking, hiking, and kayaking.

Completely unrelated, I created a new post on my site.

Paris books and pot roast

It was my lucky night. After a sucky day, we went to Red Cedar Grill for dinner, one of my favorite restaurants. I had the excellent pot roast. It’s almost always a competition between that and the macaroni and cheese, though last time I went out on a limb and tried their tacos, which were quite tasty.

Oh, and I can’t forget my new post at Michigan Foodies.

I’ve been on a kick about reading Paris books. I’ve just finished two by John Baxter, “The Most Beautiful Walk in the World” and “Five Nights in Paris”. I’ve now started reading “The Moveable Feast” by Ernest Hemingway, about his experience in Paris in the 1920’s. Both of Baxter’s books were good, though I preferred the former. And if you’re a Capital Area District Library member, you can find both of them.


This is a blessed time of year in East Lansing. The students are gone for the summer, and MSU is quiet. Thus, my campus jogs resume. And I already have my route planned out on Routabunga, my biking / running route site. The last part of the route, which will have me at Crunchy’s isn’t on the map. Hopefully I’ll get to sit outside – would you want to sit next to a jogger right after they’ve finished?

I have in my mind a desire to run another half-marathon, and that requires training. 4-miles is not nearly long enough, but it’s a start, especially if I don’t plan on running for a couple of months. And I want to get my FitBit mileage up. I just achieved my Italy badge, which is 736 total miles. Not in one day – that would quite a hike. But still, not bad.

Hiking machine

Today I visited the Lansing Bird Sanctuary, which lies on Delta River Drive in northwest Lansing. That followed yesterday’s visit to Anderson Nature Area on Old Lansing Road. Both were trails I had never before visited, and I feel more complete now that I have seen them.

I also feel more well-rounded after Andrea and I visited Meat in Old Town yesterday. They have some excellent pulled pork, but ever better were the sides. The creamed corn and the mac & cheese were both outstanding. You will probably not leave hungry. Or thirsty. They have lots of beer, almost all of it was Bell’s, at least on this instance. I’ll be posting a review in the near future on Michigan Foodies, an occasion for which I’m sure you can hardly wait.


It was a cycling sort-of Sunday on the RiverTrail. Family day had come, and we headed for some bike riding. Our first stop was to see the eagle, but I could only see the nest. But it was an impressively big nest.

We road all the way to the Turner Dodge House. The only incident was Elena’s chain falling off, but that was easily fix. Messy, but easy. And here they are, at the fish ladder, beautiful Lansing in the background.

At the RiverTrail
At the RiverTrail

Oh what a beautiful Friday

Wow, what an end to the week. Let me give you a recap of Friday:

  1. I made it through the night
  2. Victory on the ping pong table
  3. Pizza day at work. The pesto – sausage – green olive pizza from Cottage Inn was amazing
  4. A walk at Hunter’s Orchard Park
  5. Beer Friday at work
  6. Another walk, this one at Brattin Woods
  7. Great burger at home thanks to the lovely, talented Andrea
  8. New post on Michigan Foodies
  9. Someone reposted an earlier Foodies post on Fizz Magazine

Yeah, I brought it today. Come on Saturday – what have you got?

I’m back

The vaunted Wunderhund site had taken a several-months hiatus because of a couple of reasons, chief among them I decided to ditch my old provider, whom I had been with since 1999, when I started the Wunderhund blog. But I had also been running a few other blogs, including a now-defunct politics blog (the party decided to go in a different direction), a food blog, a travel blog, and a code blog.

So I have another blog – what’s this one about? This one is miscellaneous information about me, the family, and just things I feel like saying. And honestly, I wanted Wunderhund to live on. It had been going for sixteen years, and I didn’t want it to die.