Jackson, Part II

There was a little snafu with the payment for my new Murano, so I returned to Jackson today to finish up, and got some lessons on how to use the complicated touch screen in my car. And I got another car wash, the second in two days. That streak will be broken tomorrow.

Lesson learned today: Chili’s has good chicken tacos.

And to show that I really do have the car…


The Price was Right

I am the proud owner of a new 2015 Nissan Murano. So far, I love it, and the adaptive cruise is pretty slick when you coming up fast on a slow drive. Lots of new controls to learn, too. But it’s comfortable for the long drives we have ahead. I am a little sad because while my Murano is snug in the garage, my Altima is cold out on the street. Hopefully it will get a new home soon, so if your in the market for a 2007 Altima SL, let me know. BTW, on the way to Jackson, where we bought the Murano, my Altima hit 150,000 miles. Still running good, too.

Speaking of Jackson, I would highly recommend Dave’s Jackson Nissan. They were fantastic to work with. What drew me to their dealership was that they had the prices on the web site, but once we got there, the people were wonderful and easy to deal with.




Time for a random picture. In January 2007, we took a trip to Disneyland. The purpose was for me to run a half-marathon through the parks, but I got the flu right before we left, so that didn’t work out. But because of the timing of our trip (i.e. race weekend), we got tens of thousands of bonus visitors, which made the park even busier than normal. Still a good time, though.

Cinderella's Castle
Cinderella’s Castle


Owosso again?

Another beautiful evening in Owosso. After a beer and nachos dinner at Chips (where I actually ran into someone I knew), it was time for a walk by the river and a stop by Curwood Castle. I believe it’s mid-Michigan’s only castle, though whether or not it has ever been under siege is something I can’t answer. The rivalry between Owosso and Corunna is intense, and it may have involved boiling oil at some point in the past.

In other news, shopping for cars sucks. I’ll leave it at that.

A REO Town kind of weekend

REO Town is not my usual hangout, but I’ve been there twice in the past two days.

Last night was the Art & Craft BeerFest where participants could visit several different establishments and sampled various beers by Right Brain Brewery out of Traverse City. There was quite a variety of beers to choose from, though our favorite was the barley wine. While the beer was good, the tacos from Good Truckin Diner were even better. They were amazingly good, and the pretzels and cheese were pretty tasty, too. I’ll definitely be returning soon.

This morning, Andrea and I attended the REO Town venue of Riverview. It was much more intimate than the Holt venue, our home church. It was a nice space with the same gospel-centered message Riverview delivers every week, along with great music. Wonderful start to the week.

Booze and tires

Some places just have it all. I mean, a place that has beer, wine, kegs, lotto, tobacco, AND used tires? That’s a special place. And you only have to go to the corner of Pennsylvania and Jolly in Lansing to get all those things under one roof. The south side is a special place.

Lansing party store
Lansing party store


Who loves zombies?

As many of you probably don’t know, I have written a zombie short story that you can find on Barnes & Noble. It’s a riveting tale of survivors in Toronto after a zombie apocalypse. Best of all (well, second best), it’s free! The best is that it’s about zombies. In any case, download and enjoy.

Christmas is coming!

To celebrate the fact that there are only 333 more days until Christmas, here is a picture from last Christmas and the hat / glove combination that Elena got. Matches beautifully with her red dress.

Christmas outfit
Christmas outfit