We are the champions

Our third week of volleyball was a success – we lost 0 games. Of course, we had a bye week, but this was still our best showing. We did practice, though, and we are ready for next week’s victims.

The highlight of volleyball night is Zoobies. Tonight’s beer was Twist of Cain from Short’s in Bellaire, a brewery which I remember fondly from doing the DALMAC a few years ago. Free popcorn is also a highlight. To set expectations, it will not be free for you if you don’t have a I’m a Beer Hound card, so I suggest you get one.

Weird Al goodness in Windsor

Friday night, it was time to cash in my birthday present from Andrea – tickets to the Weird Al Yankovic concert in Windsor, Canada. Yes, we left the country for the third time this year! That may be a record for me.

After stopping off at the Renaissance Center in beautiful, completely safe and happy Detroit, we made the arduous tunnel crossing to Canada. It shouldn’t have been arduous, but it was – at least half an hour to go a mile or so. Ah, US border policy.

Having successfully escaped Detroit, we immediately went to South Detroit. No, we didn’t return to our native land, we went to a bar named South Detroit, after “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Friday night was not the time to visit this bar if you are interested in having a conversation. So loud that what I ordered wasn’t actually what I got – “Atomic burger” sounded too much like “Atomic balls” in the deafening bar. Oh well, they were still tasty, as were the poutine, gravy and cheese-covered fries. Oh yes they did.

The concert was at Caesar’s where center 10th row seats awaited us. As you should imagine, Weird Al was fantastic. It was all awesome, from the first song (“Lame Claim to Fame”) to the last (“Yoda”). I didn’t think it was humanly possible to change into a fat suit for “Fat”, but he did it. Magic.

And with another unnecessarily long wait to get through customs, we were back in the bosom of Michigan, getting to bed only 1 1/2 hours from leaving Canada, less than two miles away.

The house that will be

We wandered through the house being built across the street from us yesterday – our view of an empty lot has disappeared, replaced by a (temporarily) empty house. Which made me think back to our house under construction in 2005. And there is my little BMW, how I miss it so. To small for a cars eat, though, so it had to go.

Future house
Future house

Living the Dream

Last week, I was living the Dream. Specifically, we were aboard the Disney Dream on a 4-day cruise around the Bahamas. After a 2-day stay at the Black Dolphin B&B in New Smyrna Beach (more on that in a later post), we headed to Cape Canaveral to board the big boat.

We stopped at Nassau, but we didn’t leave the boat because of thunderstorms that lasted all afternoon, from lunchtime to the time we left port. And we stopped at Castaway Cay, Disney’s island, for a day at the beach, my favorite point of the trip. Warm water, lots of good food, and perfect weather.

Disney Dream
Disney Dream at Castaway Cay

We had to make an emergency stop at Freeport to let someone off the ship for a medical emergency – that was the big excitement. Pirate Night was interesting, with a show involving Jack Sparrow and fireworks. Can’t beat a free handkerchief:


A day’s food

It was a day of good eats. My lunch was spent at Jumbeaux, a new-to-me place in Lansing where Oakland and Saginaw converge for some Cajun food. I had a delicious catfish poboy that made my day brighter. Yes, I liked it.

The evening’s meal surpassed it – dinner at Dusty’s Wine Bar. Andrea and I had a drink at the bar (“The Ginge” is something I would recommend) before dinner. The braised beef was excellent, though a little different than what I remembered from before. The day’s eating was concluded by Andrea-made chocolate cake.

Running and eating, two of my favorite things

We are the proud owners of brand new turquoise deck furniture, and we christened it today with a great meal that Andrea cooked on the grill. She also made an incredible chocolate cake, may favorite dessert in the world. All in all, a good eating day.

Another Monday come and gone, and another trip to MSU for a 5-mile run. I first planned it on Routabunga, then took the tour around a nearly empty campus. My route took me by North Case, my dorm from the early 90s. Fun times. Then it was off to The Peanut Barrel for a burger and beer.

And I created a new post about MVC coding.

A tip for faux homeless people

On my way home from work, there was a faux homeless guy on the corner of Saginaw and Homer (doh!). And I have a tip for him. If you are going to pretend to be homeless, you should probably take out your diamond earring. Sure, it could have been a fake, but when you are trying to trick people into giving you money, you should probably look the part of being destitute.

Memorial Day

I have posted a fantastic day in April involving hiking, eating, and viewing a mechanical Inquisition on The Stoecker Factor.

Happy Memorial Day. I have spent it not going too far from home, with Michigan State being the farthest point of travel to return a book, A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway. I had never read Hemingway before, but I will be checking out more of his books from the library – I liked his simple style.

First kayak trip of the year

That’s right, for the first time this year, the kayak left my garage. I didn’t take it far, but I did take it to a place I had never been before, the Looking Glass River. In fact, it was my first trip on a river with my kayak – all the previous trips had been on lakes.

Looking Glass River
Looking Glass River

The Looking Glass was slow-moving. I easily was able to paddle upstream, and besides the lawnmowers and chainsaws I heard from the surrounding woods, it was quiet. But since those machines were constantly going, it really wasn’t that quiet. Maybe it will be later in the year.